Friday, December 28, 2012

I choose to be happy

Well, today I feel so terrible and not in the mood :| gossssssh I felt so horrible right now :( hmm. I don't know how to tell but I felt the horrible feelings inside my heart :'/ I felt abandoned and ignored. Haihhhh do I actually have a boyfriend or not I don't even know. It is as if I don't have anyone. I need you but it seems that you don't need me in your life. Right?

Where'd you go when I need you? You said you would be here with me. Lie. You said you will always be by my side. Lie. You said you will always make me happy. Lie. You said you will never let tears run down from my eyes. Lie. You said you will make me comfort whenever I am afraid. Lie.
Because everything that you said is a lie. 

Whatever that you did, I will always say 'It's okay, I understand'. But do you have any idea how hard it is for me just to say those words? No, you don't. Because you will never feel what I feel. How hurt it is to be no one in the life of the people that you love.

It seems that friends is more important in your life, including me. So it is okay for you right for losing me in your life? Kaaan? It is fine untuk awak kan? Patience has it's limit. I don't know whether I can still keep smiling or not. Haaaaaihhh Awak selalu menghilang, every night. Excuse yang awak bagi semuanya berkaitan dgn kawan awak, sampai mase untuk saye pun awak dah tak ade langsung. Siapa saye untuk awak? Awak bersikap mcm ni sebab awak tahu, saye akan selalu ade untuk awak bile awak perlukan saye. You will always see me whenever you turn around. But awak rase, if saye tak boleh nak hold on lagi, awak expect saye akan ade lagi ke bile awak turn around your back? Saye bukan seorang yang kuat. 

Saye cube untuk faham awak, ape awak buat, awak menghilang awak busy, semua saye akan try faham. Sebab saye nak memahami awak daripada bergaduh dgn awak. Saye dah penat. Penat bergaduh dengan awak. :| kalau saye boleh cakap semua ni kat awak, terus terang dgn awak :'( I cried last night. Cried so badly. Just because I can't hold it anymore. It's better lagi saye menangis daripada saye penat untuk memahami awak kaaan? :( 

Saye tak tahu nak cakap ape lagi, sebab saye dah penat sangat. Penat untuk segalanya. What I want to do is to follow your flow. I will never stop from being understand about everything. I won't. I love you, and that is the reason why I will always be strong and never give up on my feelings for you. 

p/s: A, I will always love you, I'm sorry for all those words up there if it hurts your feelings.

Miaa, xox

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Birthdaaaaaay my Fierce yet loving daddy :)

 Happy Birthday Paapss!
I love you I love you :D
May Allah bless you, May you get what your heart desires. May you have a great time on your special day today!

 Waaahhhh my dad dah tuaaaaa!
Omg omg omg! Hihihihi he's already 45 years old. Muda kan? :P mane tua lagi, sempat lah pegang cucu. Hahaha eh gatal lebih plak I. Cissss!
Bdw, today on my dad's birthday my fmily went outing and had lunch together at the Secret Recepi. And yes shopping abit and bought present for paps. Though it is just a simple celebration, it is so much fun because I'm with my love ones. And everything seems perfect.
But yeahh, my big sist tak join sb she's in degree, no cuti. Plus she got test and all. Sangat best today, I just bought my dad a big big big MUG for him to drink his coffee. Hihihihi :D It's big and it is written Forever Young 40's. Lol! Coel je mug tu, huhuhuks!

So yeaaah, it is a day full of love and happiness. Again, Happy 45th Birthday Dad! Me love chuuuuu veyi veyi much! Thanks for all the love and you granted everything that I always wanted. Can't imagine my life with you ohh :'( So yeahh, dont ever leaveee me kay. You're in need in my life.

Miaa, xox

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Check It Ouuuuuuut

Hey people! :D

So, today my entry is about one of my new gadgeeeettsss! Hoooraaaaayy hooorayyyy! Well, one of my hobby is collecting gadgets, so what I have is something really realllllyyyy important to me. I have so many gadgets until idk where to keep them -.- mostly is handphone yang I kumpul. My old phones semua I simpan, even yang dah pecah pun I simpan sebab idk why I just love keeping them. 

Well! Here we go, my new gadgets that my parents just bought for me isssss..




Goooosssssh! Awesoooommeeee kan? :D And effing heavy --' My parents got me a brand new laptop! Well I am writing this entry using this laptop :D my parents cakap it is the new one, and price pun sangat mahal, dah standard Apple dah. It's DDR5 punye. This is for Graphic Designers. Easier to do design and stuff. I'm kinda scraed nak gune and bawak balik U sebab you know banyak sangat kes kecurian and stuff. So I have to be very very extra careful about my gadgets ( I ni sangat careless orangnyeee --') This laptop is G55V Series. Harga around RM4K. It's so coooool! Seriously! So if you guys are planning nak beli lappy baru, so don't forget, try lah search for this one, it's very good and fast sebab it is DDR5 punye version. Hikkks! It is even have lights on the keypad too :D (jakun) but the wekanesses is, it's very heavy sebab sangat besar. 15inches punye screen. Gaaaaaahhhh I kept thinking how I nak bawak pergi class nanti. pffft! 

So yess :D thanks to my both lovely parents for bought me this new laptop! It's cool and yes, I spent alot of my time with this laptop. Hiksss.

Miaa, xox

Monday, December 24, 2012

Take a look :)

Being happy is apart of my life :)

Right below me :D

Heyy! :D Well, I'm back people. Hikss dah lame I tak blogging kan? Wahhh last post pun last year. Wohoooo lame sangaaaat kan? Miss me? :D hihi. Sorry, sebab lame I tak blogging :( this is because I've been busy dgn class. I am now in semester 3, and yess banyak sangat kerja to do. Pity me kan? Bdw, now I tgah holiday for a week. Well not actually really a holiday, it seems more to a suffering week! Aaaaaaa :O because so much work and so much desgin to do. Gaaaaaaaah :/ so penat taaaau. Bdw, today post is about a movie that I want you guys to see IF you guys tak tengok lagi. But I bet mesti most of you all dah tgok kan kan? Well, 


So I rase you guys dah tahu kan what this movie is about right? Gooooooshhhhh this is the sweetest love cute story ever ><' It is ISTANBUL AKU DATANG! Its about this girl name Dian (Lisa Surihani) went to Istanbul to meet his boyfriend, Azad (Tomok). Actually, she went there just so that his boyfriend boleh propose die. Waaaahhh can you imagine, she went to Istanbul just to meet his boyfriend. How sweeet! See, from here jarak itu bukan penghalang untuk mereka yang bercinta :D It's a sweet story. Swear sangaaaaat sweet! So, I hope you guys tengok movie ni alright? I've been watching it for like idk how many times. Hiksss :D so dear readers, Watch this movie alright!

Miaa, xox.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Moment..


I love him :) fully with my heart.
Thank you for coming spending time and creating more memories together
You & Me.

Im going to miss you,B.
Its like a dream come true when I get to see you in front of me.
Its like a happily ever after when Im with you.
Its like heaven when I was in your arms :')

I Love You Forever & Insya'Allah until Jannah.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It Will Rain - Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars Wallpaper

If you ever leave me babyLeave some morphine at my doorCause it would take a whole lot of medicationTo realize what we used to haveWe don't have it anymore.
There's no religion that could save meNo matter how long my knees are on the floorSo keep in mind all the sacrifices I'm makingTo keep you by my sideAnd keep you from walking out the door.
Cause there'll be no sunlightIf I lose you, babyThere'll be no clear skiesIf I lose you, babyJust like the cloudsMy eyes will do the same if you walk awayEveryday, it will rain,Rain, rain
I'll never be your mother's favoriteAh ,Your daddy can't even look me in the eyeOooh if I were in their shoes, I'd be doing the same thingSaying there goes my little girlWalking with that troublesome guy
But they're just afraid of something they can't understandOooh well little darling watch me change their mindsYeah for you I'll try, I'll try, I'll try, I'll tryI'll pick up these broken pieces 'til I'm bleedingIf that'll make it right
Cause there'll be no sunlightIf I lose you, babyThere'll be no clear skiesIf I lose you, babyJust like the clouds,My eyes will do the same if you walk awayEveryday, it will rain,Rain, rain
Ooooh Don't just sayGoodbye, don't just say, goodbyeI'll pick up these broken pieces 'til I'm bleedingIf that'll make it right
Cause there'll be no sunlightif I lose you, babyThere'll be no clear skiesIf I lose you, babyMy eyes will do the same if you walk awayEveryday it will rain,Rain, rain...

p/s: I love this song like so much :')

Thursday, July 26, 2012

An Insecure Me

Life would be so beautiful until you would cherish every moment of it with Love

You beat up my heart. You were my fairy tale story. You were my sweet dreams. And you were my happy ending. Forever is just the beginning of our love story.

You were on my mind in every second my heart beat. You bring a big impact of happiness in my life. You gave me everything,just by breathing :) 

I love you yesterday, I love you today, I will love you tomorrow, I will love you the day after tomorrow, I will love you every week, I love you every month, I love you every year. Naaaaahh! Easy to say, I would love you every time I breathe out the air.

I am Forever In Love with You :)

I am who I am today, because of the  choices i made yesterday

And Rain Will Fall..

Dear him, Please never change. Always stay the way you are. I like it that way. Ps I Love You

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mohd Amirul Asyraf Mohd Yusoff 
Wann Syamira Meor Noor Hisam

We were best friend since form2 and now turned out to be lovers :)
He was my everything. He lights up my dark night.
I love him,deeply fully with my tiny heart.
He was different to me,so much different. He was the one.
How I cant realize from the very beginning that you're the one.
But,I am glad now,since you're mine now :)
Only god knows how happy I am to be with you.
Thank you for staying by my side all this times.
Its been 8months plus already,and I still love you like the very beginning when we were in love.
I love you. Stay by my side :')


Your precious girlfriend,

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Pain Of Missing You

I miss you :'( I miss you so badly. Its been a long time we haven't see each other. Im starting to feel the pain of missing you. I dont know what to do. I only think of you in my mind. The feel. It makes me want to cry so badly. Come,come and meet me. Plss :'( thats all that I want. To see you in front of me. Relieve me. Day by day,I have died waiting for you to come and meet me. I lovemiss you <3

Monday, January 23, 2012

I love you Amirul Asyraf

The cute things you do simply tickles my heart. Your smile simply makes my heart beats faster. Your laugh simply cure every of my sadness in seconds. Your touch simply makes me safe in anyway or condition I was in. Your happiness is simply my happiness. You were everything.

Ya Allah,sayangnye saye kat awak,Amirul Asyraf. Dalamnya cinta saye terhadap awak. Susah untuk saye ungkapkan,susah untuk saye buktikan. Tapi itulah kenyataan perasaan saye. Sayangnyaa saye terhadap awak.

I know it is hard for us to trust others. But just trust me. Or trust what my heart says,I really do love you. As deeply as it was. I was so blessed to Allah for having you in my life. You make whats unperfect perfect :') you make my heart beats faster. You were in my mind every second of my life. Well literally,almost all the times :D 

I can say that I never loved anyone else as much as I do love you. I was just so in love with you. With your foolishness. Your honesty. Your pure love towards me. Your guiltiness when you did something wrong and you forgive as you just did a big big mistake. You were just so true :')

I just wanna say here,no matter how often we fight over some things. How bad is our relationship is. How difficult it is for us to face it. I would never leave you. I promise. I will never leave you. Trust me Biyy :) I know its hard to be in a long distance relationship,but if our love is true. Nothing is hard. As long as you were with me,holding my hands all the way.

I missed you. I remember when you kissed me. I remember when you hug me. When your fingers entangled in mines. When your warmnth fired up my soul. I missed you so much. Terribly :(
I wish I could meet you as soon as possible. So that I can shout out loudly that I love you all the time.

p/s: syg pegang janji sayang. syg janji takkan tinggalkan biyy mcm mane biyy jugakk tkkan tinggalkan syg. Iloveyou biyy :') syg rinduu biyy sgtsgt!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Whats Happening?

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Omg,what is exactly happening right now. Its difficult to say. Hard to explain. I'm completely speechless. Why is it so hard for me to get PRIVACY IN MY LIFE? Stop stalking about my life. I do what I want. I say what I need to say. Feelings cant always be kept in heart. We have to let it out. Especially when it comes to its limit. I've let it out since I've been patience and kept quite for a long time. Its been a year. And you've gone over the limit. My twitter,my life. I never ever mentioned your name in my twitter. Why do you have to stalk everything about my life? Oh dayuuuum! Pls,don't act like a little kid. Be matured and professional -.- Its about time for me to explode. 

I never want to know what happen between you both. Never wanna interrupt or knowing every single inch about it. Since I know its the past and it will always remain as past. Think that way. What's in the past,stays in the past. Don't put grudge inside yourself as it will kills yourself in the inside. Try to move on. I don't know how much you've been hurt by him,but pls. Just forgive him. Its the past. Learn from the past. That's all you can do. No need to grudge and stuff. Idk what the hell is your problem for saying I say bad about you,cause I never did. Its useless. There's a lot of other things I would mention about rather than about you. I know how to handle my own privacy. I wont mentioned about it in the public. Oh god. Don't get it wrong would you.

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Move on. Get a new life. Stop insulting him. I've been patience enough. So pls understand. We wont interrupt your life if you don't interrupt ours. Just stop insulting him. I cant accept that no more. Remember. Move on doesn't mean you forgetting. But you chose Happiness over Hurt. Understand that. No one could be able to accept and hear someone insult the person we love the most. And so do I. Imagined if you were in my place. Take a new chance. New love. He's your love in the past. But he's my love right now. In this present. Forget what he did to you. Believe in Allah's destiny. 

Im sorry for everything that I ever said about you,or get you to the heart. I am truly am. I never meant all of it. If I knew it would end up like this,I would had never accept him in my life. Its been two years. I never knew I changed it to a grudge inside you. Just forgive and move on. Plss.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Going back was not the solution

Never go back into an old love, no matter how strong it is. Because it’s like reading a book over and over again, when you already know how it ends.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year 2012


May this NEW YEAR will be better than LAST YEAR.

May Allah bless this new year and live happily together:)

To my deary boyfriend,
Happy New Year Sayang:)
I Love You!

To bloggers and stalkers,
Happy New Year :D

Yeapp! :D 2011 will be my bitch! Haha.
I bitched alot!
Gonna miss this year alot :')
Since this is the year where I found my true love.
This is the year where I've been tested by Allah,so that I'll be stronger and a patient person.
I've been strong enough and learnt alot in this 2011.
Thanks to Allah,for letting me live longer til this end of the year 2011.
And may Allah blessed this new year of 2012 :D