Monday, December 24, 2012

Right below me :D

Heyy! :D Well, I'm back people. Hikss dah lame I tak blogging kan? Wahhh last post pun last year. Wohoooo lame sangaaaat kan? Miss me? :D hihi. Sorry, sebab lame I tak blogging :( this is because I've been busy dgn class. I am now in semester 3, and yess banyak sangat kerja to do. Pity me kan? Bdw, now I tgah holiday for a week. Well not actually really a holiday, it seems more to a suffering week! Aaaaaaa :O because so much work and so much desgin to do. Gaaaaaaaah :/ so penat taaaau. Bdw, today post is about a movie that I want you guys to see IF you guys tak tengok lagi. But I bet mesti most of you all dah tgok kan kan? Well, 


So I rase you guys dah tahu kan what this movie is about right? Gooooooshhhhh this is the sweetest love cute story ever ><' It is ISTANBUL AKU DATANG! Its about this girl name Dian (Lisa Surihani) went to Istanbul to meet his boyfriend, Azad (Tomok). Actually, she went there just so that his boyfriend boleh propose die. Waaaahhh can you imagine, she went to Istanbul just to meet his boyfriend. How sweeet! See, from here jarak itu bukan penghalang untuk mereka yang bercinta :D It's a sweet story. Swear sangaaaaat sweet! So, I hope you guys tengok movie ni alright? I've been watching it for like idk how many times. Hiksss :D so dear readers, Watch this movie alright!

Miaa, xox.

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