Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Check It Ouuuuuuut

Hey people! :D

So, today my entry is about one of my new gadgeeeettsss! Hoooraaaaayy hooorayyyy! Well, one of my hobby is collecting gadgets, so what I have is something really realllllyyyy important to me. I have so many gadgets until idk where to keep them -.- mostly is handphone yang I kumpul. My old phones semua I simpan, even yang dah pecah pun I simpan sebab idk why I just love keeping them. 

Well! Here we go, my new gadgets that my parents just bought for me isssss..




Goooosssssh! Awesoooommeeee kan? :D And effing heavy --' My parents got me a brand new laptop! Well I am writing this entry using this laptop :D my parents cakap it is the new one, and price pun sangat mahal, dah standard Apple dah. It's DDR5 punye. This is for Graphic Designers. Easier to do design and stuff. I'm kinda scraed nak gune and bawak balik U sebab you know banyak sangat kes kecurian and stuff. So I have to be very very extra careful about my gadgets ( I ni sangat careless orangnyeee --') This laptop is G55V Series. Harga around RM4K. It's so coooool! Seriously! So if you guys are planning nak beli lappy baru, so don't forget, try lah search for this one, it's very good and fast sebab it is DDR5 punye version. Hikkks! It is even have lights on the keypad too :D (jakun) but the wekanesses is, it's very heavy sebab sangat besar. 15inches punye screen. Gaaaaaahhhh I kept thinking how I nak bawak pergi class nanti. pffft! 

So yess :D thanks to my both lovely parents for bought me this new laptop! It's cool and yes, I spent alot of my time with this laptop. Hiksss.

Miaa, xox

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