Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Birthdaaaaaay my Fierce yet loving daddy :)

 Happy Birthday Paapss!
I love you I love you :D
May Allah bless you, May you get what your heart desires. May you have a great time on your special day today!

 Waaahhhh my dad dah tuaaaaa!
Omg omg omg! Hihihihi he's already 45 years old. Muda kan? :P mane tua lagi, sempat lah pegang cucu. Hahaha eh gatal lebih plak I. Cissss!
Bdw, today on my dad's birthday my fmily went outing and had lunch together at the Secret Recepi. And yes shopping abit and bought present for paps. Though it is just a simple celebration, it is so much fun because I'm with my love ones. And everything seems perfect.
But yeahh, my big sist tak join sb she's in degree, no cuti. Plus she got test and all. Sangat best today, I just bought my dad a big big big MUG for him to drink his coffee. Hihihihi :D It's big and it is written Forever Young 40's. Lol! Coel je mug tu, huhuhuks!

So yeaaah, it is a day full of love and happiness. Again, Happy 45th Birthday Dad! Me love chuuuuu veyi veyi much! Thanks for all the love and you granted everything that I always wanted. Can't imagine my life with you ohh :'( So yeahh, dont ever leaveee me kay. You're in need in my life.

Miaa, xox

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